Community bus makes shopping easy

Amarco Apartments residents can breeze through inner city traffic to get to their favourite shopping hot spots, thanks to the independent living complex’s free bus service.

The free weekly transport alternates between Altona Gate Shopping Centre and Highpoint Shopping Centre.

Amarco Sales and Marketing Coordinator Anita Ukalovic said the free weekly transport was of great benefit to some of the residents at the independent living complex.

“We introduced the bus because we had a few residents who moved to Amarco from outer suburbs or regional areas and they were unfamiliar with our community.

“We also had a group of existing Amarco residents who were getting a little older and, due to their age or health conditions, were not confident driving around the area.”

The free transport supports residents who want to venture out of their homes and engage with each other. Often residents will meet up and have coffee with friends, top up on their groceries, or enjoy some shopping.

Retiree Mike Butcher (pictured) drives the Amarco community bus because he wanted to help people.

“I feel really good about what I do,” he said.

I get to meet people, help people and I like to tell jokes and make people laugh.

One person Mike always has in stitches is resident Margaret Ward (pictured), who uses the service every week.

She decided to give up driving when she moved to Amarco and was uncomfortable taking taxis by herself. But Mike’s “fantastic” driving skills and warm friendship makes Margaret feel at ease on her weekly trips.

“I’ve got to know Mike really well and he often joins us for lunches. It’s good to know that I can get out to the shops when I need to,” she said.

The bus departs Amarco Apartments every Thursday morning at 10am and returns at 12 noon. Bookings are not required. Only available to Amarco residents.