Making the right choice

Alison Chan was nervous about leaving the Chinese community she knew and moving to Amarco Apartments at Kingsville in June 2017.

But Alison says moving to the independent living complex was the right decision for her family, for her finances, for her health and for her social life.

A serious fall while gardening at her Wantirna home of 34 years was the catalyst for Alison’s
life-changing move.

“I fell down a step and I lay down on the ground outside my front door for 10 hours with multiple hip fractures,” she said.

“It was not the first time I had fallen. In fact, I had fallen so many times that my son said I was not to continue living by myself.”

Traditionally, Chinese parents would move in with their children when they can no longer live at home alone, but Alison said the culture was changing.

“The young ones are very busy and very professional, so it’s no longer practical for them to live with their parents and look after them,” she said.

“My son and daughter have something on every week – they go to concerts, swimming, friends’ houses; they travel a lot. They’re never at home so there was no point in living with them.”

After exploring all of her options, Alison settled on “New York-style” apartment living at Amarco. She liked the idea of maintaining her independence but ordering dinner if she was unable to cook and pushing the emergency call button if she had a fall.

“The lobby is just like going to a hotel,” she said.

Sometimes I come down here and walk around or I sit in the sunshine and read a book. I really feel so blessed.

Alison has immersed herself in the Kingsville and Footscray communities, making friends with fellow retirees, embracing the local Chinese community, and becoming involved with the Corpus Christi Catholic Church.

“This is a new chapter in my life,” she said.

“I can now do all the things that I never had the time or opportunity to do in the past.”

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